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Tiny Candidate is a brand new product designed to allow political candidates and political campaigns to spread their message via mobile applications. By staying constantly connected with their supporters through their campaign app on smartphones and tablets, candidates can maximize their votes when it comes to election day.

Features of your Campaign App include:

Increase Donations to Your Campaign

As a political candidate, a top priority is funding your campaign. Your application allows voters to quickly and easily donate money to your campaign directly from the Tiny Candidate mobile campaign apps using PayPal or a credit card.

Reach More Voters

Push notifications allow you to keep your voters up to date with the latest events. Built-in sharing templates give your voters a great way to share your message with their friends and family. Volunteer sign-up within your campaign applications is the easiest way for you to get more voters involved with your political campaign.

Save Time

You are busy talking to voters. Tiny Candidate is so fast and easy to update that anyone on your campaign staff can update events, photos, and campaign information in minutes. You can even update your campaign content from a mobile device, while you are at a rally. Many companies will promise you an inexpensive app, but they won't give you the tools to update the content yourself, from anywhere. Tiny Candidate's goal is to free you to control all aspects of your campaign in the most efficient way possible.

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A complete Tiny Candidate solution, including iOS and Android apps with push notifications, starts at only $4000 USD.